1. General views of platforms as partial reconstructions of the Bar Huerequeque

  2. Platform 1: Mosaic of contextual documentary short movies

    In this platform there is a selection of documentary cuts and interviews as a backstage of the bar contextualizing the character of Huerequeque inside the interweived stories of Iquitos and Fitzcarraldo.

  3. Platform 2: Documentary essay about the cinematographic and narrative character of Huerequeque

    In this second space, there is a construction of an screning space inside a fragment of the Bar Huerequeque, the video essay explores the roles of Huerequeque as actor and author.

  4. Platform 3: Poems and Short stories of Huerequeque

    In this section there is a selction of stories and poems of Huerequeque using the forniture of a bar as an audiovisual interface.